Go FrrrAre you a dog lover? Do you own a dog, or dogs? Find your arm constantly aching as your hyperactive dog begs you to play catch or fetch with him with those adorably pleading eyes of his? Tired of throwing the ball a short distance and finding your dog back and begging for more within seconds? With the Go Frrr, you can take the strain from playing with your pets.

The Go Frrr is a ball and a slingshot, designed in such a way that the ball gets slung across the field without you having to toss it that way. Definitely a great training tool and fetch toy for your dog. Exercise your dog without letting your arm suffer. The Go Frrr can launch the ball up to 150 feet away, giving you enough time to sit back and relax while allowing your dog the joy of running after the ball. It floats in the water so you don’t have to worry about aiming your shot away from the water. Have your dog take a quick bath while he’s at it at chasing that darn ball. Also, the Go Frrr is hardwearing, so you can use and abuse it without fretting about its wear and tear. Use either your hand or the slingshot that comes with the package. Tie the rubber band like thing around your thumb or around the launcher, place the ball in, and watch as it flies far away, giving your dog the chase of a lifetime. Each package comes with two balls and a slingshot. Twice the fun, and half the work.

Whether it’s the summer and you’re in shorts and have your arms bared in the sun, or it’s winter and you’re loaded with bulky clothing and gloves, you can still use the Go Frrr slingshot and ball. Just aim and fire. Give your dogs an exercise all year round!

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