Emery CatIf you have an indoor cat, then you know all of the trouble that this can cause when it comes to your homes furnishings. Cats can rip and tear everything from your couches and chairs to your curtains and bedding. While a scratching post may help your cat to stay away from your furniture, it won’t do anything to actually help them trim down their claws. However, there is something on the market which will do both. The Emery Cat Board is an amazing product which will have your cat clawing away at it instead of your favorite chair and trimming its claws down at the same time.

The Emery Cat is sturdy enough to support even a heavy cat. It also comes with an arched design that makes your cat feel comfortable on it and wanting to use it to scratch rather than anything else in your home. The Emery Cat is small enough to fit anywhere in your home, yet large enough to provide your cat with all of the room they need to scratch away. The Emery Cat Board contains catnip, just one more reason why your cat will absolutely love this product.

When you get your Emery Cat package it will come to you with a cat toy which mounts to the Emery Cat base, one packet of the catnip, the base which also contains catnip and a free de-shedder brush so that you can also help your cat s coat. By ordering now, you will be able to take advantage of a great offer. You will get two packages for the price of one. This means that you can have two of the Emery Cats in your home which is great if you have several cats. Or, you can give one away as a gift to another cat lover in your life.

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