With the appropriate bird feeder and some patience, you can watch birds eat every day in your courtyard. You will have a great pastime for you and your family and also be proud to feed some hungry birds. After the birds get acquainted to the feeder you installed, they will come day after day maybe for their entire lives. At Duncraft you will find great feeders at very good prices; Duncraft is helping bird enthusiasts since 1952 and has everything you need to help you help them! Besides food, you can find bird baths, that will be a great joy for most birds and that will also be a great piece of decoration for your garden and can function even in winter with an appropriate heating system.

No matter what type of bird you want to attract (maybe the all time favorite hummingbird), with a Duncraft feeder you can be sure that you will have an instant reply from the numerous birds that fly around your house. These guys will never say no to a good meal and a good bath and with a easy to use guard, available at Duncraft, you can make sure that their food remains theirs, and is not stolen by squirrels, for example. You don't have to limit yourself at birds; if you're interested and amazed also by butterflies and bees, there are some great little houses for them that you can place on a tree or fence and observe their daily habits. Needles to say, at Duncraft you find all the food for your birds and lots of DVD's and books to learn everything there is about this rewarding and fun hobby.

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