Dr. Gs Fresh Pet FoodOver processed foods that are packed with fillers and preservatives can have a number of negative effects on your pets. You like the way that you feel when you consume the freshest and most natural foods available, so why wouldn’t your pet feel better and healthier if you gave them fresh and natural foods.

Dr. Gs Fresh Pet Food doesn’t sit on the shelf of some warehouse style store gathering dust while it’s waiting to be purchased – your order won’t be cooked and prepared until you’ve ordered it! Within two days of completion, your order is picked up and on its way right to your door – this ensures the freshest possible product for your dog or cat.

Fresh pet food means more nutritious pet food and Dr. Gs Fresh Pet Food is the absolute freshest food you can offer your pets. If you pet has experienced intestinal distress from a number of different foods available at the pet store or supermarket, or if they simply don’t seem to eat the food your are offering – it probably has nothing to do with them being picky or difficult eaters, it may be because the food that you are offering isn’t supplying all of the nutrients they need to be healthy and to feel good.

Dr. Gs Fresh Pet Food gives you the opportunity to offer your pet a diet that is free of harsh and harmful chemicals and preservatives, but the guarantee that the product was just made gives you the reassurance that you are feeding your pet the healthiest and safest possible diet.

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