Does your dog have a favorite spot on a sofa or a couch where he takes the best nap or loves to chew stuff? Do you take your pet in often car rides? Then you might just need Doggy Steps, a revolutionary 3 step ladder that will help your dog to climb virtually anywhere in the house or outdoors. The Doggie Steps is ideal for older dogs, that are less flexible than they used to be. For them, climbing can be a real difficulty and will be sad if they can't climb to their favorite sleep spot or next to you in bed.

Also, most cars can be too high for an old or a small dog or for one suffering from dysplasia or arthritis. With Doggy Steps there problems are history. Doggy Steps is produced from a light material and the assembly doesn't require any tools! You can take it with you everywhere in order to give your dog a comfortable journey and easy access to “higher grounds”. The cover of the Doggy Steps is made from a material resembling sheep skin and it is very easy to wash in your washing machine. And even if it's light and easy to assembly, the Doggy Steps can handle up to 70 lbs, thus being a good solution for overweight dogs that could hurt themselves if they would try to climb or jump on their own. So do your pet a great amount of good and order Doggy Steps today and let them enjoy their favorite spot on couches or beds near you!

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