Dog-e-MinderThese hi-tech Dog-e-Minder dog accessories are one of the new dog products and it is great gadget to have so you can take better care of your canine pet. Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility and the Dog-e-Minder is one way for you to be able to manage and schedule the tasks needed to be done.

You need to have a Dog-e-Minder if you own a dog that you want to make sure it has been walked, fed, or took its medications? It’s sometimes hard trying to remember if your dogs have eaten but if you forget, you poor pet will get hungry or even worse, if you forgot to give them a walk and they end up having to hold it in or maybe mess up your floor. Get you pet care organized by using these innovative Dog-e-Minder dog accessories.

This simple and easy TV computerized reminder system is convenient and helps you to provide your pet with their needs. These cool Dog-e-Minder dog accessories is attached to their collar. It has three button icons for you to be able to set a new time when your dog was given medicine, walked, or fed, press an icon and hold for three seconds, to check if you dog has been fed or similar tasks, and a log that you just click it to check on what time or date the activity occurred. You might want to watch the news report about the Dog-e-Minder.

These helpful Dog-e-Minder dog accessories comes in four colors, black, blue, red, and pink. These new dog products are quite handy and can help remind you of what you have to do for dog so they won’t be hungry, miss their meds, or even the trip to the vet. It also has a back light just in case it’s dark so it will be easier for you to read the Dog-e-Minder dog product whatever time of the night it is. It even works as a dog ID.

Dog-e-Minder dog productThese durable and lightweight dog accessories is just what dog lovers and busy people need to schedule the needs on their pets. You might even want to use this for a pet cat to check when it was fed or when medications have to be given.

Is your dog the type that just loves swimming in pools, lakes, ponds, and at the beach? The Dog-e-Minder dog product is waterproof so the insides will never get wet while your pet is swimming or drinking form a water bowl and the dog tag touches some water.

The Dog-e-Minder is perfect for those multi-dog home owners or a big family with a dog so you won’t have to go all over the house asking if your dog ate already. Place you pet on schedule today and never miss out on any of the things you have to do by giving them the Dog-e-Minder today.

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Dog-e-Minder dog product