Are you noticing that your pet’s breath is becoming bad? Then it is a sign that there is plaque build-up around his teeth and these are the repositories of bacteria. If left alone, the bacteria could actually make your pet ill, just like it would when humans do not floss and remove the plaque. There is a dental spray called Plaque Blast which claims that it is an effective way to control bacteria and plaque.

The thing about teeth cleaning is this. The way to take all that plaque off which accumulated from all the eating and chewing of your pet is to bring him to a vet. Depending on the thickness of the plaque layer, the vet will either just clean it or have to scrape these off. Most times, your pet will struggle against the procedure and will need to be strapped or even placed under anesthesia to remove old and hard plaque. This experience can be very unpleasant both for the owner and the dog.

Another way is to regularly brush your pet’s teeth. But seriously, do you have the time to do it every day? And, just like humans, even a toothbrush cannot prevent the build-up of plaque, which is more efficiently removed by flossing. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to attempt flossing with a dog or cat.

I give my dogs dental chews. These not only make their breath fresh but also control tartar and plaque build-up. But while dental chews freshen breath and control plaque to some extent, more help is needed. That is where Plaque Blast is effective.

Plaque Blast is a dental spray that comes in a tiny, portable spray container. Just spray it all around the teeth near the gums where plaque tends to form. With regular use, you will notice a reduction in the presence of tartar and plaque. I’m looking at before and after pictures posted by some satisfied users and indeed I see a big difference in the pets’ teeth. Plaque Blast also has no alcohol so it is 100% safe for your pets.

So does Plaque Blast work? It sure looks it.