Crazy Critters look like real animals. Inside each Crazy Critter is a squeaker – at the head and tail ends. The squeaking sounds actually attract them to their Crazy Critters toy and away from your precious furniture, upholstery and shoes. It’s stuffing-free so there’s nothing there that will make a mess in your home. It lies flat on the floor and is actually easier to play with. The outer material is actually quite sturdy so even with sharp teeth pulling and tugging coupled with that head shaking that dogs love doing, his Crazy Critters toy won’t come apart at the seams. If too much playing makes his Crazy Critters very dirty, no worries. It’s completely washable – either by hand or in the machine.

Dogs love to play and they love it when you toss them things they can fetch. But often, in their playfulness, they end up tugging and shaking whatever they pick up. The problem is that oftentimes, the stuffed toy they bite, tug at and shake comes apart and all that stuffing inside makes a huge mess around your home or yard. That loose stuffinf also poses a threat to your dogs as they could be curious, eat some of it up and end up choking or get sick from ingesting the stuffing. Other dogs can be destructive and love to chew on anything they can find and often end up ruining shoes, sofas or furniture. Crazy Critters was specially designed for frisky dogs and it’s so safe and mess-free.

Crazy Critters is a great training aid as well because it teaches your dog where and what to chew. Instead of destructive behavior, it reinforces positive behavior from your pet.

When you place your order for Crazy Critters, you will be sent a Crazy Critter fox and, for a reasonable additional shipping and handling fee, another free Crazy Critter raccoon.

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