Crazy CrittersImagine a family welcoming a new puppy. He is playful and loves to chew everything in sight. This puppy is chewing important items around the house from furniture to toes. Those teeth are sharp! The family is eager to find something to entertain and distract the new family member. Crazy Critters is the answer.

Crazy Critters FoxChoosing from a fox or raccoon as a favorite, these stuffing-free toys are designed to be durable during everyday play or even training. As many animal toys Crazy Critters squeak to add to the pet’s fun. Unlike other animal toys, Crazy Critters have no stuffing and are flat for easy play. Pets can be rough on their toys often tearing apart their toys during play, which ends with stuffing being left all over the house.

crazy Critters RaccoonThe lack of stuffing makes it healthier because once the stuffing is pulled out of a toy the pet loves to play with it. This could cause trouble for the pet from choking to overall sickness. Now there is no worry of the Crazy Critter being torn open to expose the stuffing and harming the pet besides the family will not have to clean up all the mess.

Crazy Critters are machine washable and good for play in the house or outside in the yard. This toy is fun for all dogs – big or small, old or young. Crazy Critters is the puppy’s friend leading to fun play times and the family’s peace of minding knowing their beloved pet is safer.

Get Your Crazy Critters Dog Chew Toy HERE And Let Your Dog Play For Hours, Without The Mess!