cooldogJust like with humans, as dogs get older they can lose flexibility, have pain in their joints and have more difficulty getting around. This can lead to more trips to the vet for expensive treatments and trying in vain to force your dog to take a pill that they have no interest in swallowing.

With Cool Dog – Holistic Joint Care you can help to keep your dog’s joints flexible and healthy and possibly prevent the limited mobility that comes with age. Cool Dog – Holistic Joint Care is made from top quality, human grade pharmaceutical ingredients and it comes in an easy to administer liquid formula that is absorbed much faster than a pill.

cool dogCool Dog – Holistic Joint Care Formula tastes great, so there will be no issues or problems with trying to get your pet to take it. You can pour it directly over your dog’s favorite dry food or simply add it to their drinking water – you won’t need any tricks or have any fights or hassles with getting this fast acting and powerful formula into your pet.

Cool Dog – Holistic Joint Care is a fast acting and completely safe way to help your dog stay mobile and flexible and to be able to continue to enjoy running, jumping and playing without experiencing pain and discomfort in the joints. It’s tough for a dog to be happy or to stay healthy if they have difficulty getting around, with Cool Dog – Holistic Joint Care you can keep your pets moving freely with less pain and that means fewer trips to the vet and a much happier pet.

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