Do you sometimes hesitate to bring your pets along with you on rides around town because they are hard to manage? If your pets tend to knock things over inside your car or want to jump out of windows at intersections, then having them along can be dangerous also to you while you’re driving. There’s a way now to buckle them down just like humans and you do not even need to buy a separate car seatbelt. With Click N Stay, just attach your pet’s leash to your car’s seatbelt, click it into place and drive away with your beloved pet.

Driving is dangerous when pets are unrestrained in a car. Just imagine. They could distract you when they transfer from the back to the front or vice versa. Worse, they could jump out of an open window at an intersection if they see another pet on the sidewalk. That can cause you some aggravation as well as lost time. Like small kids, there is a need for pets to be well-strapped into the seat so that they stay quiet and leave you to focus on driving.

Click N Stay is made of lightweight steel so it’s very strong and durable. It’s so easy to install and use. Just thread one end of your pet’s leash (which is attached to a harness or collar) through the Click N Stay, Adjust the slack of the leash to your desired length. Then insert Click N Stay into your car’s seatbelt. There’s no need to unbuckle it from the leash. Keep it on so that the next time around, you just need to click it into the receiving end of the seatbelt.

The Click N Stay is so versatile. Whether you have a large dog or a tiny, cute one, Click N Stay is flexible enough to be used with any breed. Use it in the front passenger seat or in the back seat. Your pet stays secure in his place and leaves you undisturbed.

Click N Stay comes in two colors: black and pink. Match the color to the gender of your pet. With your order of Click N Stay, you also get a free dog leash.

Enjoy your car rides with your pet without worrying when you have Click N Stay. It’s a device that every pet owner needs to have to keep one safe when driving.