BarkOff is an inventive and new aid for when you want to train your dog's barking habits. Maybe your dog is still very young or never got a proper education. His barking can be a real annoyance for you (think you want to sleep or watch a movie or listen to music), for your children or your neighbors. Well, with Barkoff you can really forget about irritating barking. When your dog starts what it would seem as an endless barking concert, just flip the button of the BarkOff Ultrasonic Training Aid and a ultrasonic signal is sent, that is undetected by humans but will catch the attention of your dog and he will stop barking. The great thing about BarkOff is that it will educate your dog to the point that he will be able to make a difference between meaningless, annoying barking and the barking meant to protect you and your house.

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The Barkoff is big as a remote control, so you can take it with you and your dog anywhere you go. And don't worry about any side effects; the ultrasonic sounds will not harm other people or your dog! Dogs have a highly developed hearing sense and will pick up the vibration instantly, without any health hazzards. BarkOff is 100% pet friendly and will guarantee the quiet time you want! Your dog will gradually develop into the companion you always wanted, reacting only to real dangers, and not to all the cars, cats and insignificant sounds out there. Forget about shouting in order to cover the dog's barking when you have a conversation. Just push the button on the BarkOff Ultrasonic Training Aid and your dog will stop barking instantly!

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