An automatic self-cleaning litter box is the solution to the smell and trouble of cleaning kitty litter. If you have a cat, this chore will be a breeze when your pet gets the right toilet for them to use.

Discover the latest model of an automatic self-cleaning litter box and how easy the most unpleasant task of cleaning pet waste can finally be solved.

Pet Urine Smells

The smell of cat urine is very unpleasant. It is strong and leaves a lingering odor. The common ways to get rid of the smell is to use sprays that eliminate the other, making sure that the litter box has ventilation to dissipate the odor, or changing the kitty litter more often.

Pet Poop

Cats do poop and sometime they create more of a mess than usual. Getting rid of pest waste is a very unpleasant task and one would like to do this less often. This automatic self-cleaning litter box can store a lot of poop and it won't smell. When the lined storage drawer is full, the the bag-lining is taken out for disposal.

Daily or Weekly Chore

Retire the old pooper scooper and say good by to the messy chore of having to pick up waste. No longer make the trek ever so often to the litter box to clean it.

With the automatic self-cleaning litter box, the chore of cleaning kitty litter is done with the machine precision of litter box sifting system and the trouble of having to dispose of the poop often is solved.

Intolerable Made Livable

If you are a cat owner and sick and tired of the chore, would like to get rid of the smell of pet urine, and maximize the use of kitty litter, the only thing that can do this for you with the efficiency of a machine is this automatic self-cleaning litter box.

Plus, this kind of cat furniture is pleasant looking. One can get the automatic self-cleaning litter box that is space-age in design or choose to place it in a cabinet. It comes with additional accessories such as ramp that works as a litter catch and as a scratching pad.

This automatic self-cleaning litter box can be bought exclusively online. A top rated product, the first model has been upgrade to provide cat owners with better features in the latest model of this automatic self-cleaning litter box.

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