Angels' Eyes for Dogs and CatsDoes your dog or cat have that constant tear mark at the corner of one or both eyes? The chemical in their tears reacts with the light to form an ugly brown colored stain on the fur that won’t seem to come off regardless of what you try. On a dog or cat with dark colored fur, these stains can be somewhat hidden, but on a tan or white pet these stains can be truly hideous.

You can’t wash them away; you can’t wipe them away – but with Angels’ Eyes for dogs and cats you can easily begin to get rid of these stains from the inside out. Angels’ Eyes for Dogs and Cats is incredibly easy to use and works quickly to completely eliminate the stains around your pet’s eyes. Within about a month the stains will have been completely eliminated and the area around your pet’s eyes will look cleaner and healthier.

Angels’ Eyes for dogs and cats is all natural and completely safe, with no know side effects at all and it’s the easiest way to treat and eliminate the problem of tear stains on the fur around your pet’s eyes. All you need to do is sprinkle the required dosage of powder on your pet’s food one time a day and the all natural ingredients do the rest. No washing, no scrubbing and no hassle – Angels’ Eyes for dogs and cats does all the work for you – and you won’t have to fight with your dog or cat at all to administer the treatment.

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