Advantage Topical Flea Killer

Fleas are a terrible nuisance, they cause your dogs and cats intense pain, irritation and itching and one single flea that lay eggs on your pet can lead to a serious and difficult to manage infestation. You need to protect your dogs and cats from the potential horrors associated with a flea infestation – and one of the safest, easiest and most effective ways to do so is with Advantage topical flea killer.

Advantage works very quickly once applied, stopping the fleas from biting in as short as three minutes. Advantage will then kill nearly one hundred percent of adult fleas in less than twelve hours and destroys eggs and larvae in around twenty short minutes.

Advantage is considered to be one of the gentler flea treatments available and associated side effects are very rare. Despite its gentle nature, Advantage provides powerful and lasting protection all month long – even if your pet is out in the rain, takes frequent swims or enjoys regular baths, they will remain protected from flea bites and attacks for an entire month from one single application.

Fleas can come on to your property in any number of ways – even pets who live in the cleanest homes can suffer from flea attacks. A single dose will take you seconds to apply, but will provide powerful protection for your pets all month long. You owe it to you furry friends to provide protection from these potentially painful infestations and with Advantage topical flea killer you can provide the protection that your dogs and cats need in a safe, effective, easy and affordable way.

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