You may be familiar with penny auctions out there that allow you to buy your favorite gadget or item at a ridiculously low price just through an online bidding process but Bigger Bidder takes penny auctions further with its online auction format that is a bit different from the usual penny auctions.

You’ll have a chance to buy the latest gadgets and products you’ve always wanted because Bigger Bidder makes sure their offerings include the newest products in the market. From electronics to cameras to even comic books, you can bid for all these on Bigger Bidder.

Bids cost around $0.68 each but you can get these at a lower price when you buy in packs with different bid amounts per pack. Each item offered for bid is going to be up for a set time, with a digital clock telling you how much time is left. Every new bid increases the bid amount by $0.01. Usually you will want to watch the clock very closely as it winds down and bidding gets very hectic. Bigger Bidder allows people to have more chances to bid by adding seconds to the clock every time a new bid is entered in the last few seconds. However, once the clock winds down to zero, the last bid in (as registered by the system) wins the item at whatever the auction price is indicated.

Buyers and sellers win out with Bigger Bidder. If you’re a buyer, you get the chance to win the item of their choice at an incredibly low price. And if you win, you get all your bids back and use them for another item. If you’re a seller, you actually get paid 15 times the amount of the final sale price. Bigger Bidder also has a “reserve” feature which allows you, the seller, to indicate the lowest price you are willing to sell the item for. So whether you are a buyer or seller, you win either way!

You can check other penny auction sites but I think after you’ve done that, you will see that Bigger Bidder gets you better chances to get the item you want and provides you with much better features.