Penny auction sites are a dime a dozen, so it’s critical to find out which one to use for the best deal and really focus on what kind of products you want to get. They can all garner amazing deals, but whether you’re looking for gadgets, gift cards or anything else, the sites are very different.


QuiBids is the most popular penny auction site for a reason -- it’s great. It’s been featured in almost every news magazine and all over the news because of the unbelievable deals. QuiBids’ auctions range from Apple iPads to cars and gift cards for anywhere. Even power tools are auctioned off for pennies on the dollar.

The interface is the most easy of all the penny auction sites, anyone looking to start bidding should really try this site out first to get a taste of penny auctions.

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BigDeal penny auctions is thee place to go for gadget and technology lovers. TVs, iPads, iPhone and iPod docks go for a few dollars.

BigDeal features a lot of user stories right on the front page -- it’s simply mind-blowing to see some of the deals these people got. The average winner saves hundreds of dollars on popular gadgets.

Any bidder looking to get great deals on a TV or a pricey gadget, BidDeal is the place to go.

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BidHere penny auctions is another great place to find gadget deals. And it’s the easiest penny auction site to get in and start bidding. All the great deals are right on the front page and just calling for a bid!

Beyond gadgets like TVs and computers. BidHere also has great deals on video games and gift cards. Cards like a $100 AMC movie card go for for just a few dollars.

The bidding and the deals are very intense, unlike other sites that push the time limit up by 10 seconds per a bid, BidHere only jumps a couple seconds. So the final 10 seconds is simply heart pounding and getting a good deal is thrilling.

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BidCactus penny auctions is the best place to find great deals on gift cards. Cards to just about any place go for just pennies on the dollar. A few other beauty accessories show up on BidCactus, but it is mainly a gift card deal site.

Gas cards for $50 go for just a couple dollars. The best part of the site is that it is very easy to use.

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TikTak Auctions

TikTak Auctions is on of the smaller penny auction sites, but the deals are still wonderful. The site has a great collection of gadgets -- but the real draw to TikTak is the jewelry deals.

Watches, engagement rings and countless necklaces and earrings can all be had for a few dollars. Anyone looking for great deals on jewelry and a good chance of winning auctions because of the smaller size of the site.

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Quickdraw Bids

Quickdraw Bids is one of the best place to find gift cards for dirt cheap.

Quickdraw is a newer smaller site, like TikTak, but that is great when it comes to auctions. Wither fewer people bidding on gift cards for Target, Toys ‘R Us and gas -- bidders can really get amazing deals.

It is tee place for new bidders to find gift card deals since it’s not as frantic as some of the more popular sites.

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Bozbids penny auctions is a great place to find gadgets - like a lot of the other sites. But BozBids runs a little slower than other big sites; which is great for beginning bidders.

Anyone who is new to penny auctions and doesn’t want to do any research first should start with BozBids.

Bidders can still get gadgets and gift cards for about 90 percent off, but without having a heart attack while doing so!

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