Are you still buying CDs and paying for every album you get? That must cost quite a bundle. Or have you also been downloading music from the internet, on sites that are considered unsecured or risky? Then you are really running a big risk that aside from free downloaded music, you could be unaware that you are also downloading malware like Trojans and viruses that will eventually wreak havoc on your computer. There’s another way. You can now join’s subscription membership and, for a fixed monthly fee, download all the music you want, legally.

Downloading music through gives you access to record labels and their music artists. There are over a million premium tracks to choose from in all genres. Instead of buying an entire album to find out that you only like some of the songs, you can preview and listen to each track on before deciding to download them. In other sites, you also pay for each song you download.  Over time, that adds up to quite a sum. It is a lot cheaper with where you only pay a fixed fee every month and you can download unlimited music and play it on up to 3 PCs. As new music is released, you need not think about having to spend again to buy the album. Just use your membership to download and stream it on your computer. It works with Windows Media Player 10 or later and you will need to download the Kazaa Music Plug-in. The plug-in does not contain adware or spyware. All it does is count the number of times you play a song so that Kazaa can pay the music companies.

On the site, there is a media player widget on the left side where you can preview songs to ensure they are the ones you like before you download these.  Once you have enrolled as a member, you can download and do unlimited streaming of all the music you have selected. Do note that the terms and conditions specify that your membership includes unlimited downloading for playing on the computer but you are prevented from burning these into a CD. Unlimited streaming is possible for as long as your membership is active. supports PCs but not Macs or Linux systems as of the moment.

Enjoy all the music you’ve always wanted by becoming a member now.

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