Gone are the days when learning how to play the guitar means having to endure years of practice. Now with the Fretlight Guitar, anyone can be a rockstar in an instant. No more bleeding fingers and frustrating moments, the Fretlight Guitar makes learning easy, fun, and interactive.

Fretlight Guitar offers an easy-to-learn method of playing guitar. If the traditional method of learning how to play guitar always leaves you feeling lost and frustrated, then Fretlight Guitar is the answer. The product comes with built-in LED learning system and a software program to help you learn the magic of guitar-playing in a short period of time.

With Fretlight Guitar, you simply follow the finger positions that are lighted up in the fretboard of the guitar. Whether you’re trying to play a couple of chords, a scale, or a song, the integrated LED system will make things easy for you. As you play along, the LED lights will be your guide as to where you should position your fingers in the fretboard.

To maximize the use of your Fretlight Guitar, a free Fretlight Studio Software comes with it upon purchase. The software allows you access to product features, all from a single screen. With this software, you can download and install free video lessons and advanced chords and scale library. You can also play Fretlight-ready videos and songs and even do improvisation. The software also comes with over 30 fully interactive lessons.

One of the latest software programs released for Fretlight Guitar is the Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready software. With the Guitar Pro 6 software, you can create, edit, and play tablature using your Fretlight Guitar. The software allows you to configure your Fretlight settings. As a score player, it can facilitate learning and composing of a piece. You can even create and edit scores as well as enjoy thousands of scores available over the net.

Fretlight Guitar comes in several models. If you want the simple plug in and play model with no complicated pickups, then the Entry-Level Guitar can be your option. The model has a built-in tuner for accurate tuning as well as closed back tuners and fixed bridge for great playability. The Standard Electric Guitar is designed to fit the contour of your body. With this model, you can have a fixed or a tremolo bridge, both with fully adjustable saddles.

If you’re into vintage designs, then the Vintage Electric Guitar will suit you. The pickups used in this Fretlight Guitar are able to generate a variety of vintage tone. Sound customization is also possible with this model. For individuals who prefer stainless steel frets, the Pro Electric Guitar is the right choice.

Nowadays, learning how to play the guitar is no longer a difficult task to accomplish. If you want to be a pro guitar player in no time, the Fretlight Guitar is all you need.