If you tend to have a lot of spills in your house then you should have Zorbeez on hand. I work in a preschool all day and we get a lot of spills. When I first started working there we were trying to clean up the spills with regular paper towel. Sometimes the messes were so big that it would end up taking a whole roll of the paper towel to clean up just one spill. Since the director of the preschool brought in Zorbeez we can pick up the spills faster and easier.

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When you spill something and you have Zorbeez, all you have to do is put the Zorbeez cloth on top of the spill and press down on it. It will pick up the whole spill easily and without you needing to wring it out over and over. It will even pick up your spills better then a towel since you have to keep wringing the water out of the towel and going back to the spill again.

When I am at school taking care of three and four year olds, it's nice to know that when a spill happens, and they happen a lot, that I won't have to spend a lot of time trying to clean up the spill and still be able to keep an eye on all of the children. The Zorbeez has made work a lot easier for me in the cleaning aspect of the job. I used to spend way too much time chasing after all of the spills that the children would make and trying to keep track of what all of the children were doing. Now all I do is place it over the spill and give a quick wipe. The spill comes up and my cleaning is over, it's much better that way.

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