Zasshu KniveIt seems like you can never find the knife that you need when trying to prepare a meal, but that may very well be because you don’t have the right knife in your kitchen arsenal. The Zasshu Knife is an incredibly well engineered, hybrid kitchen tool that will help you to eliminate almost every other knife in your butcher’s block.

The Zasshu Knife can slice, dice, mince and julienne fruits and vegetables with ease, and it has the power of a cleaver but with amazing control and the scalloped blade lets you cut without any worry of sticking. The extra wide blade lets you scoop whatever you have just chopped and take it directly to the plate or frying pan, eliminating the need for dirtying another utensil and cushioned, rubber inset grip is comfortable for even the most extensive cutting jobs.

In order to make preparing and cooking food easier, you normally need the help of several sharp knives, but the Zasshu Knife can pretty much replace them all because of its incredible versatility and the ultra high quality Japanese steel blade stays sharp use after use.

A high quality knife can be a cook’s best friend – a good sharp knife can make food prep much faster and less laborious and food cut with a high quality knife often looks much more attractive for presentation – but why would you settle for just a good knife when you could wrap your hand around a great knife like the Zasshu Knife. Don’t keep wasting your money on mediocre knife sets that don’t hold up to the pressures of the kitchen, get the one knife that you’ll always be able to count on – the Zasshu Knife.

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