Canning fresh fruits, vegetables and other food preparations has never been easier, safer and less costly. Tattler carries canning lids that you can use over and over. And it’s so safe because it is Bisphenol A (BPA)-free. You can now give in to your home canning urges and keep your family healthier with less exposure to BPA.

Living in a world where busy-ness sometimes makes us resort to opening up canned food for a quick meal actually exposes us to BPA, a substance that lines food cans and which has been linked to breast cancer, infertility, early puberty and other health-related problems. Kids are especially at risk since they love to eat food kept in cans.

Tattler has come up with canning lids that do not contain any BPA, can be used with any standard Mason jar and with proper use, can be reused over and over lasts a lifetime. It’s just possible that the Tattler canning lids you buy today will still be used by your children for their own food preservation processing.

The material used in Tattler’s canning lids (known as Polyoxymethylene Copolymer (POM) or Acetal Copolymer) is an FDA and USDA food grade plastic which has been approved for direct contact with food. No need to worry about acidic elements in food causing the leeching of toxins from canning lids into your food. The only food items that cannot be used with Tattler are those that contain more than 15% alcohol.

Can almost anything – vegetables, fruits, prepared food. They are especially good with acid foods, pickles, peppers, tomatoes etc. If you have babies or very young kids, exposure to BPA leeching is even a larger concern so if you’re a mother, you may really want to consider preparing your food in advance and canning them but using glass Mason jars and Tattler canning lids instead of putting them in those metal cans with metal lids, both of which leech BPA.

One other thing. While they may seem more expensive than the regular canning lids, just think that their reusability factor makes them cheaper in the long run. After 5 reuses, that Tattler canning lid already pays for itself. And with great care, you can actually use that same lid many, many more times over.