Tater TornadoPreparing a big dinner party for your family and guests is such a cinch especially if you are using a great kitchen tool called the Tater Tornado. Tater Tornado is a very handy, portable, lightweight, easy-to-handle-and-wash kitchen tool. It creates fun, spiral, continuous cuts of potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, and just about any vegetable you want to cut and shape in seconds.

Tater Tornado comes in a complete package which includes a Tornado Blade, 15 bamboo skewers, a Recipe Guidebook, and a Curly Q Blade tool. Tater Tornado was invented to help cut your preparation time. You get an amazing evenly-cut, continuous stretch of vegetable every time. To do this, skew a potato or any other vegetable; place the skewer on the Curly Q Blade; and start spinning. In no time, you get the continuous, curled and cut up potato pieces on the skewer. The vegetable skewed can either be fried, baked, or fresh. You also have the option of either leaving the vegetable on the skewer or decorating several on a platter. Dip the shaped veggie in any sauce or just sprinkle the flavoring over it. Whichever way you want it, Tater Tornado will surely surprise everyone. It is so easy and safe to use that even children can handle it.

Tater Tornado is a great conversation piece for being such a great time-saving kitchen tool. As it has the amazing job of cutting the vegetables in a special way, it also gives you more time to do other special food creations. The Tornado Blade is so special that it doesn’t need any sharpening; just wash it under running water and start cutting again. For easy and unique food creations, be the first to own a Tater Tornado, and use it to amaze your dinner guests with your quick action in food preparation.

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