Tater MittsDo you hate having to waste minutes upon minutes while carefully peeling off the skin of potatoes? Aggravated when you’re doing well while peeling the skin off when suddenly you peel off a big chunk of the potato (together with the skin)? Find yourself nicking another one of your fingers with a knife or cutter as you’re peeling the skin off your potatoes? Well, hate no more, get aggravated no longer and endure no more nicks and cuts with the Tater Mitts.

With the Tater Mitts, find yourself peeling the skin off the potatoes in under 10 seconds! It’s a fast, effective and safe method by which you can peel off the right amount of potato skin before eating it. Save yourself from wasting those extra seconds carefully peeling off the skin of the potatoes. It’s very simple to use. First begin by boiling the potatoes. When that is done, wear both the right and left Tater Mitts glove, then place the potato within your grasp and slowly begin to rub at it and watch the abrasive surface of the glove peel of the topmost layer of the potato, leaving it ready to eat. With this, you will find yourself peeling off the thinnest outer layer of the potato, leaving more potato parts for you to eat.

Whether it is for your dinner’s mashed potatoes, a delicious bowl of potato salad, or a healthy snack of fries, you will definitely need the Tater Mitts to get you started with your potatoes. Easy to use and it works quickly, making it the ideal item to use when in a rush. The great thing about Tater Mitts is that you can use them under either dry or wet circumstances, like while on a dry table or while washing them in the sink. Each Tater Mitts package comes with a pair each (for the right hand and left hand), as well as a vegetable slicer.

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