How to make different shaped sushi fast?

Sushi is all about presentation. Become a Sushi Maker Master with the use of special molds and spatulas. Create various shapes such as heart and square sushi with ease with the 5-in-1Miracle Mold.

The art of sushi

It takes years for a sushi chef to be an expert. Delicately arranging the shrimp and other ingredients on top of molded rice or wrapping these in Nori seaweed paper is a skill that has to be practiced and learned.

The conventional way to make a circular sushi is with a bamboo mat. Line the mat with seaweed paper, place the flavored rice and ingredients, then press and roll. The long roll made has to be sliced perfectly.

The art of sushi making can be yours. With a Sushi Maker Master, use the 5-in-1 miracle mold to do these tasks for you. This set includes various molds and a couple of spatulas. It's all you need to make various shaped sushi.

With complete instructions on how to place the seaweed, rice, and ingredients, practically anyone can make perfect sushi fast. These molds even have a knife guide to enable you to slice the sushi correctly. No more torn or shredded Nori seaweed paper. The sushi will stay in shape as you slice.

5-in-1 Miracle Sushi Maker Mold

What can you make with the Sushi Maker Master?

Present these as circles, squares, or hearts! Here are a few suggestions:

*Kappa Maki - Cucumber Roll
*Anakyu - Sea Eel and Cucumber Roll
*Ika Maki - Squid Roll
*Negitoro - Toro and Scallion Roll
*Tekka Maki - Tuna Roll
*California Maki - Crab, Avocado, and Cucumber Roll
*Kimbap - Korean Style Sushi

Make different shaped sushi rolls and slice them into various shapes fast. Have the wasabi and Kikkoman ready as you can create a sushi feast with the ease of using these special molds and spatulas.

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