What is the best kind of lid?

A cover that fits all sorts of containers and more - reusable, Stretch Lids works like cling film. Be it a bowl or half a watermelon, cover it with a stretchable lid made for food grade silicone that can vacuum seal it.

Ideal for kitchen use

Most containers in the kitchen do not have lid. Bowls are a primary example of these. The usual way to cover a bowl would be to use cling film or foil. Instead of using such kind of disposables, there is a lid for all – Stretch Lids.

Easily cover bowls and a lot of other circular openings. Some of the items that it can put a lid on are open cans, pots that have been cooled, and a grapefruit that has been sliced in half.

Elastic, it will adjust to fit. One lid that covers it all! Imagine, never ever having to figure out what lid will fit when using a Stretch Lid.

There no need to measure how much cling film or foil to use or look for a cover that will protect the food in the container food from flies. Store food in the refrigerator covered with a Stretch Lid. And, that's not all it can do...

A Cover for All

Vacuum seal

These lids will create a hermetic seal that can aid in food preservation. This is because whatever it covers shall be vacuum sealed.

To create a vacuum seal, stretch it to cover and press the center. More than just a lid – seal with a Stretch Lid.

Presentation and handling

When you bring along food items to a gathering or set it on the table – it will look so much better when covered with a Stretch Lid.

Reduce the spills, prevent exposure to the air and insects, protect the food from deterioration, and it absorbing odors while in the refrigerator.

Easy to use, vacuum seal ordinary bowls and get to cover more with Stretch Lids. It's the lid for things that have none. It's a lid that does more that cover. Put a lid on it with Stretch Lids.