Hot, gooey, and delicious smores are fun treats which you can make in your very home. With the new Smores Wizard, you can easily make a plateful of freshly-hot smores, grilling it just the way you want it. Smores Wizard is a complete set of cooking and serving accessories, giving you and your family the chance to grill marshmallows safely and conveniently; even your children will be delighted to use it.

Smores Wizard can be instrumental in making every child want to have his or her own camping experience. You can make that possible by transforming any portion of your home into a mini campsite. With the help of Smores Wizard, making homemade smores will be a cinch for your children, and every family member and guest will want to eat more smores with every bite! Eating freshly-cooked smores at home will bring to mind happy camping experiences you and your family had. You can make your family bonding ever closer and memorable with non-stop eating and sharing of stories and jokes to tell.

Each set of Smores Wizard includes a wooden Smores station, a canned cooking fuel holder, and six (6) marshmallow forks. All these items are made from high-quality materials, so they are easy to handle and clean.

Make freshly-made homemade marshmallows for your family and guests any time, all the time. With its safe and easy-to-handle accessories, every piece of smores is evenly grilled and served hot. Your family can enjoy this functional and portable wireless appliance anywhere. Smores Wizard can be assembled and stored quickly and without any hassle. It is lightweight for easy traveling, and you can store it easily inside a closet, cabinet, or in a corner of your home.

Bring wonderful memories of your camping trips into your home. Smores Wizard can actually turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day for your family and friends to enjoy delicious homemade smores.