Smart StrainerLooking for a better and more effective way to use a strainer without making a mess of your kitchen tops? Looking for another way to get those liquids out of oddly-shaped or oddly-sized containers without wasting any of your food or wasting your time looking for another container? What smarter way is there to do just those than with the Smart Strainer. A strainer that drains, strains, cooks, serves, stores and more. Get your money’s worth with this strainer-container that does more than most containers combined!

The Smart Strainer can transform any pot into a universal straining cookware. It can go over your cookware so you can strain easily without making a mess or wasting food. It can even go over your canned foods so you don’t cut yourself on the can’s sharp edges or waste any food that accidentally slips through while you’re trying to drain the excess liquids from your canned goods. The Smart Strainer also comes with a strainer designed with a cover where you can place liquids so you can still strain your food even when you don’t have a sink free for use, or if ever you want to use the extra liquid for something else.

Not only does it work as a strainer, it can also work as a serving dish for either hot or cold dishes. So serve your foods to your family and guests, then if there are leftovers, simply cover it with the lid then transfer the entire container into the fridge. You don’t have to hassle yourself with transferring your leftovers into another container. The Smart Strainer will definitely keep your leftovers fresh and ready to eat. It also works well for when you’re serving food outside because the lid keeps your food fresh and keeps the bugs away. You can also use this same container when you want to microwave your food. You don’t need to transfer your food into another container, simply use this. Definitely a space saver and a money saver. Why get anything else when one Smart Strainer works like 5 (or more) kitchen utensils!

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