If you have been spending a lot of time whipping up your family meals, you’ll be happy to know that Cathy Mitchell has created the Sideshow Skillet which allows you to cook two different items in its two compartments at the same time without the problem of the flavors mixing up in the skillet. Your cooking time can be cut almost in half, allowing you more productive time doing other chores or just spending that time with family and friends.

The Sideshow Skillet features a separate compartment on the skillet separated by a slight hump. This allows you to cook two different food items or lets you tilt the skillet to drain excess cooking oil from the main area to the side compartment easily. Sideshow Skillet has a non-stick coating all over so food just slide off into a plate. Because the coating is on the sides as well, food cooks evenly. The coating makes clean-ups a cinch and to really clean it, pop it into your dishwasher. It’s dishwasher-safe!

The Sideshow Skillet is totally oven-safe and comes with stainless steel handles. Try cooking chicken on the main side while the gravy cooks on the smaller side. Try cooking an omelet. First cook what you’ll put inside the omelet. Once cooked, slide it easily into the smaller side, then pour your egg into the main skillet till the egg forms. Slide the contents back into the cooked egg. Fold over and there’s your omelet. That’s how easy it is. Cath Mitchell includes her Sideshow Skillet Spatula with every Sideshow Skillet ordered. In addition, you get a titanium-edged Santoku knife with stand. You also get a recipe booklet to give you ideas how to use both sides of the Sideshow Skillet.

You will surely love your Sideshow Skillet as it saves you time with double cooking and easy cleaning. Your own friends will marvel at this creation and will want one of their own.

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