Showtime Microwave GrillEverybody loves the taste of grilled food, but not everyone loves the work that goes into preparing it. With outdoor grilling you need to make sure the your have gas or coals for fuel, you need to stand out in the heat while the food cooks to make sure that it doesn’t burn and once the food is done you’ll have to invest a good bit of time and even more elbow grease scrubbing those grill grates clean – and what do you do when it rains, snows or the temperature drops below freezing?

Even for those that love grilling, the weather can all but prevent it for a good portion of the year, but if you get yourself a Showtime GrillWave – Microwave Grill you can enjoy the taste of grilled foods all year round, regardless of what Mother Nature does.

The Showtime GrillWave – Microwave Grill turns your microwave oven into a grill, letting you enjoy all of the flavor of grilled food without any of the hassle and in a fraction of the time. The grilling surface cooks food perfect every time and it’s non stick so clean up is an absolute breeze.

Grilling produces healthier and tastier food than other cooking methods and nothing beats the flavor of fresh grilled veggies or meat. Imagine having perfectly grilled steak, chicken, shrimp, burgers and vegetables anytime you want all year long, regardless of the weather – that’s exactly what the Showtime GrillWave – Microwave Grill does for you and it does it faster, easier and with a lot less clean up than outdoor grilling.

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