I love to cook, but I hate chopping. I have tried every product out there that is supposed to help make the job easier. They sound so great in the advertisements and while some of them do work alright, the ones that do are either big and bulky or they are very hard to take apart to clean. I usually end up just chopping my items myself. It seems easier then pulling out the big equipment just for a little bit of chopping and then needing to deal with everything that I need to to clean the chopper.

Then on my birthday I received the perfect gift. I don't know how I could have received a more appropriate gift then the one I received. It was the Scoop 'N Grind and it was exactly what I needed. It is about the size of an ice cream scooper. You scoop or place whatever it is that you want to chop into the spoon shaped part, flip the clear plastic lid closed, and press a button. The Scoop ,N Grind will then chop your food item and you simply pour it out.

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I use my Scoop 'N Grind to chop nuts, grind coffee beans, chop onions, and much more. I love that you just twist off the simple to remove lid to clean it. It is small enough to keep out of the way stored in my silver wear drawer. It is by far the easiest to use chopping product that I have ever seen. I highly recommend the Scoop N Grind to anyone that cooks. It will make your life a lot easier in the kitchen. From start to finish it is easier to use than any other chopping product out there. Plus, you can store it anywhere in your kitchen and it doesn't take up any room.

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