RoboStir review

With RoboStir, watch it stir until cooked. With RoboStir, watch it mix until thickened. Hand-free stirring can be yours with a robot in the kitchen to do the task. Less hardship, even stirring, and avoid splatters with this new gadget, the RoboStir. Discover the advantages of owning your own award-winning robot for the kitchen with this RoboStir review.

Until today, the only way to mix is with a wooden spoon, a large metal one. For baking, you could also use a hand or electric mixer. Now, you can own the RoboStir, which will make stirring liquids a lot easier and more efficient. Watch this RoboStir review video to see it in action.

RoboStir has 3 flat "feet" to keep it balanced as it turns with gyro action. As these are flat and spin around, the entire bottom surface of the pot will be consistently passed. As the liquid gets stirred, the continuous action of the mixing will keep the liquid from getting unevenly heated, eliminating those nasty, hard to remove, stubborn cooked food at the bottom of the pan. The silicon bottom of the RoboStir prevents your pot from getting scratched.

RoboStir is ideal for liquids while they are cooking as this helps you not place your hands over the pot for a long period of time. The RoboStir also helps reduce the chances of you being splattered on while you are mixing. If you ever have made spaghetti sauce, you will realize that the RoboStir is perfect for this task.

You can use the RoboStir for dissolving, stirring, mixing, blending, and even creaming. RoboStir can be used while cooking, in boiling water, and those cool liquids. You can use it while making soups, sauces, dissolving powders, creaming butter, and blending mix fruit juices with small bits and pulp. You can use it to mix punch and to make other beverages.

Take note that the RoboStir might have difficulty working properly with liquids that have quite large cuts of meat or vegetables as it might hamper the "leg" movement. For best performance, use only with small dices or minced ingredients. The sides of the container has to be a bit high, and the bottom of the container must be flat. It will work excellently with heavy liquids to very soft solids.

The RoboStir can endure extreme heat up to 572° F. It's battery operated and will stir continuously for 4 hours. Since it is 100% water resistant, it can be submerged completely. Stirring will no longer be a chore and will be amazing to watch your new RoboStir do the work for you.

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RoboStir reviews