Now, there’s no need to get one’s hands smelly while chopping up garlic, onions, or any other spices.  Quickly chop, mince, dice, and slice vegetables, nuts and fruits. And all you need is the Quick Chopper. This innovative kitchen gadget lets you prepare all the ingredients you need to whip up a great salad or dish with ease.

Have you ever tried to chop onions and end up crying? The Quick Chopper is all you need to chop onions and other ingredients as finely as you want. It is so safe to use. Just drop whatever it is you need chopped, diced, minced into the Quick Chopper and put the cover back on. Then tap on the plunger to bring six carbon steel blades down to cut up the contents. Want them chopped even more finely? Tap a second, third, fourth time on the Quick Chopper because with every tap, the blades rotate so that the next time they come down, they cut a different area.

Garlic used to take so much time to peel! Now, just drop it into the Quick Chopper, peeling and all. After all the chop-chopping that the Quick Chopper will give it, just separate the peel easily from the freshly chopped garlic and you are ready to start cooking.

Quick Chopper is great for preparing different kinds of dishes. It’s perfect for shredding cabbage to make into coleslaw. Cut up carrots and peppers for soups or stews. Slice potatoes to make homemade fries. One tap can dice onions large enough for toppings on burgers; another tap and the onions are more finely diced so they can go well with chili. Even nuts can be nicely cut up into bite sizes.

Remember the days when you have to manually slice ingredients by hand with a knife on a chopping board? Quick Chopper does exactly that but swifter and more safely. Your hands are now safe from cuts and nicks with Quick Chopper. Make it your handy kitchen tool always.