Quick ChopThe Quick Chop is on of the handiest kitchen gadgets that you can ever own. This unique food processor was specially designed to chop up vegetables, nuts, herbs, and even ice with just a few snaps of your wrist. The chopping attachment is safely housed inside a clear container in which you will be placing the ingredient that you need to cut up. By using a Quick Chop, it is possible to save you food preparation time and eliminate the use of a chopping board and a knife to process certain ingredients. It also will enable you to come out with more evenly-chopped ingredients and you may be able to get to process them down to even smaller cuts by tapping the plunger just a few times more.

quickchopOne of the most time consuming, repetitive, tasking, and most boring things to do in the kitchen is to chop. The Quick Chop takes over this chore for you and it even be used by a child. Drastically cut down the time it takes you to prepare a meal by popping in the ingredients that you need into your new Quick Chop. You won't have to worry at all about having to use the right knife, having to apply a rocking motion, or even cutting yourself doing everyday food prep with your very own Quick Chop.

With your Quick Chop food processor you can slice, mince, chop, and dice and the 6 carbon steel zigzag blades will doing the work for you. It is ideal made to make it to smaller pieces a variety of semi-soft ingredients such as cooked chicken, vegetable leaves, root crops and nuts. When you purchase your Quick Chop food processor, you get another one free. Aside from the extra Quick Chop, you'll get a couple of cheese graters. These graters make life a lot easier all you have to do is place in the cheese push, twist, and you'll have grated cheese coming down like snow. This special offer is only available for a limited time.

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