When it comes to juicing, there is no one more knowledgeable and avid about juicers than American fitness guru, Jack LaLanne. Having been a former sugarholic himself, Jack LaLanne designed different kinds of Power Juicer by Jack LaLanne to suit you, whether you are an athlete who needs to power up with the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, an office worker always on the go, an executive with little time to cut up fruits and squeeze them, or a parent trying to whip up juices for your children’s meals.


We need between 5-6 kinds of vegetables and 4-5 types of fruits in our diet every day. The best way to take it is in its natural form but many times, vegetables go through cooking processes that remove the nutrients or even worse, introduce less healthy ingredients like cooking oil. How do you fulfill get your daily fare of fruits and vegetables without having to eat so much or losing them in the process of cooking? Juice them!

Over the years, Jack LaLanne has come up with different variants of juicers to suit any lifestyle. The Power Juicer Classic comes with a huge chute so you can stuff fruits and vegetables into it with ease. For those who want only the most basic of juicers and yet want them to be effective enough to maximize the “squeeze” out of fruits, there is the Power Juicer Express. The Power Juicer Deluxe is fitted with a 3600 RPM induction motor for high performance as well as a super-sized pulp collector. The pulp can be recycled as ingredients for cookies, sauces, among others, so you use every bit of the fruit or vegetable. And the Power Juicer Prois equipped with a stainless steel mesh filter to catch all the pulp.

The Power Juicer by Jack LaLanne, no matter which one you choose, has a non-drip spout. That spells less mess on your kitchen countertop!

Why feed your body with concentrated juice in bottles. Those have more preservatives, sugar and sodium in them. Get the benefits of fruits and vegetables in their most natural form with Power Juicer by Jack LaLanne.