The Perfect Tortilla forms flat tortillas and pizza dough into an awesome food basket. Diner-style presentation is at your command with this Perfect Tortilla review.

Edible Food Baskets

Many dishes are presented to us with deep friend noodle baskets or the Chinese spring roll wrappers used a serving plate. We make toast cups in muffin pans, bake our pizza dough, scoop out the insides of bread to hold dishes like Chicken a la King, and place salads in large lettuce leaves.

But, that wonderful edible deep fried tortilla food basket is a challenge to create.

As seen in many All-American diners and restaurants, the taco salad in these edible tortilla deep-fried food baskets instead of a boring plate.

Perfect Tortilla
The Better Edible Food Basket

Presentation is a big part of serving great food - and for certain dishes, there is nothing better than an edible platter! Green salads, chili, open tacos, nachos, dips, and so much more, there are hardly any limits to what may be placed in to the food baskets you may make with the Perfect Tortilla.

With the Perfect Tortilla, it's so easy to make one that looks much better than those in fast food restaurants and diners.

And by simply placing a smaller or larger tortilla or dough inside it, make different sizes.

Baked, not fried, is the better way to create a food basket. No oil, no deep frying, no dexterity required - just place the items to be molded into it and bake!

This is great as there is no oil required which is unhealthy. No grease that one has to remove and less clean up after - so rather than fry - bake it.

When you bake it, it reduces the risk of it cracking or breaking.

If only making one, it may be done in a small oven toaster.

When it is baked, the cooking time is lessened as one can cook 4 tortilla bowls simultaneously.

If food baskets are going to be created for a party, the process is made easy, just bake, remove, stack them up, and bake again.

Perfect Tortilla Reviews
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What are you using right now to make food baskets? Many of us never make these as it's a chef thing to do. But, now, nearly anyone can make them and the presentation will always be awesome.

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