Perfect BrowniePeople have always loved to eat brownies, whether plain chocolate or filled with nuts, chocolate chips, or dates. Pastry chefs have created many different kinds of brownies over the years, and sometimes you wonder how you, too, could create such tasty and perfectly done brownies in your own kitchen. However, getting that brownie cooked just right can be difficult sometimes. With ordinary brownie pans, only the brownies on the outer edges get crispy sides. But now, here is a baking tool that allows each brownie to be cooked separately so that each piece's sides are flaky and crispy while the insides are gooey and chocolate rich. Perfect Brownie is the baking tray to use when you want to have brownies that are equally-divided into 18 square pieces. It is specially-designed to produce well-formed, tasty brownies without having any part of the brownie stick to the dividers or to the sides of the pan when they are taken out.

Perfect Brownie is a great baking tool for bakers, pastry chefs, and just about anyone who is interested in baking their favorite brownies. With Perfect Brownie, you get perfectly rich and tasty brownies that are flaky on the outside and moist in the inside. The Perfect Brownie tray is patented. The baking pan, measuring 11 x 7, has a nonstick coating and has a removable tray, stand and dividers. There are handles for easy handling too. When your brownies are baked, press the handles downwards to reveal the evenly-cut squares totaling 18 pieces on the ready-to-serve pan. You don't need a knife to run through the brownies anymore. From the oven to the family table, Perfect Brownie makes baking brownies seem effortless.

Perfect Brownie need not be used just for brownies. You can even make muffins, apple pie squares, bar cookies, and cakes using the tray and they come out just perfect as well. After use, just pop it into the dishwasher to clean.

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