Fond of pasta dishes? You know how that goes. You cook the noodles in one pot, transfer it to a sieve to drain water from the cooked noodles, then once again transfer the noodles to a serving dish. All those pots are too cumbersome and transferring them often makes you wish you had more than two hands. Make the preparation of your favorite pasta dish more enjoyable and convenient by eliminating all those transfers. Pasta N More, a 5-piece pasta cooker, lets you cook perfect pasta inside the pot, drain the water when it’s done and serve it up without having to keep transferring the noodles. Everything you need to serve up pasta noodles can be done in the Pasta N More!

The Pasta N More is made of hardy, quality materials that are FDA-certified and microwave-safe as well. Because it can withstand heat, you can swirl boiling water around to evenly cook the pasta noodles without stirring or breaking the noodles. No sticking to the sides and bottom of the pot either! A convenient strainer lid lets you open one end to drain the water. Two handles make it easy to handle the pot without risk of scalding yourself.

A steam rack comes along with your order of Pasta N More as well so not only can you cook pasta noodles but you can also use the steam rack to cook two kinds of food at the same time. Fish, healthy vegetables, fluffy rice and even yummy desserts can be cooked inside the Pasta N More. Or use the steam rack to steam and heat up cold leftovers. It’s so convenient and easy!

Every kitchen should have Pasta N More among its kitchen accessories. Give it away as a gift to your other friends as well. Pasta making has never been easier.