Pasta-N'-MoreIf you are looking for an easier way to make your pasta, then consider using the Pasta N More 5-in-1 Pasta Cooker. This product will make all of the difference in your pasta cooking. When you cook pasta it can be a nightmare, you need a number of big pots and pans for all of your different ingredients, big strainers that are hard to control, and four hands (which nobody has). The Pasta N More 5-in-1 Pasta Cooker includes well crafted and sophisticated designing that will have you cooking your pasta in a completely different way which is much easier.

When you use the Pasta N More 5-in-1 Pasta Cooker you will be able to cook two foods in one. These dishes are all microwave safe and designed to cook your pasta noodles without them breaking or sticking. You can make a meal for anywhere between one to nine people when you use this set. It makes cooking easy and clean, this way you can focus on enjoying your meal and not the cleaning that you will have to do. Pasta can be very messy to cook, now you can make it a lot cleaner to cook by using this item.

The Pasta N More 5-in-1 Pasta Cooker has measuring handles so that you will always be able to measure your foods out without having to search through your cabinets for measuring cups and it allows you to have less mess to clean at the same time. All you have to do when the time comes to draining out the water is to put the lid on and tip the water right into your sink, you won't have any more hassles with large and awkward strainers. You also get a nice storage lid so that you can store your pasta dish in the same dish that you cooked it in!

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