Pasta Boat makes perfect pasta fast! Pasta Boat is the innovative American way to cook our favorite noodles by zapping in the microwave. An all-in-one container that you can use for cooking to serving, Pasta Boat has change the old style of pasta cooking! Find out more how this microwavable cookware will make your life a lot easier by reading this Pasta Boat review.

Pasta Boat cooks pasta al dente each and every time. Pasta Boat eliminate all the problems of cooking pasta! The trouble with cooking pasta is that you will have to boil it, drain it, and you might overcook it. Not anymore when you buy it with the great Buy 1 Take 1 offer of this Pasta Boat review!

Watch this Pasta Boat review video to see what it can do! It will be the best thing that you will every buy and you have to see it to believe it.

Shorten the boiling time by using the microwave, use the Pasta Boat to drain and serve. You will have the fastest pasta in the world!

Pasta Boat has unique features such as the measuring handle so that you can get to serve the right amount of spaghetti and other long noodles.

After you measure your pasta, you will just place it in the container, add water, cover, and zap! When the pasta is done cooking, bring it to the sink, pour out the water, and rinse it in the Pasta Boat, then serve! This Pasta Boat review will save you a lot of time and money!

When you buy Pasta Boat, you get a steamer too! Just place the rack inside the container and add water, place what you are going to steam on the rack, zap - and you are done! This is an fantastic piece of microwavable cookware that no home should do without. Why waste you time and effort cooking, changing pots and serving, when the Pasta Boat can help you to do it in one container?

You will be able to serve pasta more often with Pasta Boat as it is now easy to cook pasta. Save on cooking time and eliminate having to wash up a lot of pots. Save yourself from being scalded when carrying a hot pot full of boiled pasta! Do it the American way by using the Pasta Boat every time you want to make the perfect pasta.

This Pasta Boat review provides you with a great bargain. You can buy the Pasta Boat for just $10 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling. Here are the things that you will get when you get the Pasta Boat right now with this Buy-One-Take-One offer:

  • Two Pasta Boats
  • Two Steamer Trays
  • Two Pasta Boat Cook Books
  • A Free Food Chopper

Zap your pasta to make it the fastest pasta!

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