Pasta Boat - Microwave Pasta MakerPasta is such a wonderful dish to serve up for your family and friends but sometimes, making it can be a bit tedious. First, one has to boil water in a pot, dunk the pasta into it till it cooks, drain the water from the pot, then transfer the cooked pasta to another bowl before mixing in the other ingredients. With the Pasta Boat - Microwave Pasta Maker, you will cook, strain and cook perfect pasta in your microwave and say goodbye to boiling pots and strenuous straining.

With the Pasta Boat - Microwave Pasta Maker, cooking pasta will be so much easier than it has ever been. It works fabulously with all kinds of pasta: penne, rigatoni, macaroni, and even shells. Your pasta won't tear like it sometimes does when transferring the pasta from boiling pot to another bowl. Pasta will be cooked just right -- right inside your Pasta Boat - Microwave Pasta Maker.  Just put your pasta inside, add water, place in the microwave and set the timer. The microwave ensures that the pasta is cooked evenly on all sides. One side of the foldable lid which allows you to drain the water once the pasta is cooked. Mix all other ingredients in and serve it up in the very same container. How convenient!

When you order the Pasta Boat - Microwave Pasta Maker, you get not only the Pasta Boat. You will also get Stay Cool Handles that not only let you lift the bowl without burning yourself but the round holes let you measure pasta exactly. With it also is a steam rack and a recipe booklet. And for additional shipping and handling, you can get two of the Pasta Boat - Microwave Pasta Maker plus a food chopper.

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