Party-Grill-King-Tail-GatingIf you're the kind of person who loves to go camping with the family or with your friends on the weekends, you probably end up going to places that provide barbecue grills or you bring along with you a tiny travel grill in case you decide to whip up burgers or cook barbecue wherever you feel like it. This can be inconvenient for many reasons. One, the grill has to be tiny enough to be stored in the trunk of the car along with your other camping stuff. Tiny grills however also mean you have too little space to work with. After using it, storing the grill back in the trunk of your car could result in some messy, oily spills or make your car reek of cooked food.  Your answer to all this is the Party King Grills-Tailgating Grills. Party-Grill-King

The great thing about Party King Grills is its tailgate feature. You need not store the grill INSIDE your car or van where the odor from the grill can end up making your car smell. The grill attaches behind your vehicle as it is mounted on wheels and you can simply drag it along with you back home. When you buy any of the various models of Party King Grills, you get the primary grill that has 3 high-quality, limited-lifetime, quick-exchange stainless steel burners producing 34,500 BTUs. In addition, your grill comes with a heavy-duty, 14-gauge, black powder-coated steel swing-out carrier that can hold up to a 200-lb. payload;  a highly-mobile, all-terrain caddy for carrying the grill, ice chest and propane bottle; a backyard grill stand; an ice chest tray; and a cargo tray. Once you reach the camping spot just slide the Party King Grill out and away from the vehicle and the legs come down to hold your grill in a secure position. With so much cooking space in the grill you can cook for the whole family now instead of only cooking for a couple of at a time.

If you love a good grilled meal with family and friends and enjoy the experience of bringing a fairly large grill without the inconveniences of storage & transport, then you will want to consider purchasing one of the Party King Grills-Tailgating Grills for yourself and your family.

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