If you’ve been trying to keep your family healthy by choosing cookware that do not need cooking oil to cook food, you are on the right track. But check your cookware again because if you are using cookware with that special non-stick coating, it may not be as safe as you think it is. Years from now, that very same coating may be found toxic and banned for emitting toxic gases at very high heat. The problem also with coated surfaces is that once it is chipped, flaked or wears out, it becomes more dangerous because the heat during cooking could release chemicals previously underneath the coating and those toxins could mix in with food. Cook safely and healthily instead with Orgreenic Kitchenware – ceramic cookware that’s non-toxic, wont chip or flake, and allows you to continue cooking healthy foods in a safe way.

Orgreenic Kitchenware, on the outside, is made of a ceramic, non-stick coating. It’s non-toxic and comes with an aluminum core. The exterior of the Orgreenic Kitchenware is layered with a hard anodized process that makes the cookware stand up to years of wear and tear. Even if you pop the entire cookware into the oven, the handles remain cool to the touch. Glass lids made to fit the Orgreenic Kitchenware are made of tempered glass, making it very durable and great for efficient cooking. A great feature of these glass lids is a tiny vent hole that allows pressure to be released from inside the cookware.

With the Orgreenic Kitchenware, you will always cook with less oil and less butter while frying and you need not worry about chipped and peeled coatings that can turn toxic and actually contaminate your food. This order entitles you to a 9” ceramic frying pan made of Orgreenic Kitchenware and just for additional shipping and handling, you will also be sent a free food chopper and cookbook.

Cook safely, grease-free and efficiently whenever you use Orgreenic Kitchenware. It’s now the green way to cooking.

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