Have you ever wondered how restaurant chefs churn out those beautiful, lotus-like flowers from onions, apples, boiled eggs and more to add flair and style to a dish? You can do the same too. With Onion Machine, one quick move and you can create your own onion flowers and much more. Your guests and family will marvel at how yummy your meals look when food flowers are added to the plate to give it that professional chef-readied look.

If you’ve dined at an expensive steak house, observe how they serve up your appetite-appealing steak in a plate with a beautiful onion flower on the side. The presentation of any dish with such beautifully carved out flowers is not only appealing to the visual sense but also heightens the expectations of the dish itself.

With Onion Machine, you can make those beautifully hollowed out, mouth-watering onion blossoms right in your very kitchen at home. In no time at all, this nifty little kitchen tool de-cores an entire onion and slices it so that it resembles a blossoming flower. When fried, breaded or seasoned, the onion blossom becomes a wonderful side dish to your main course.

When you place your order for the Onion Machine, you get the Onion Blossom Maker Onion Corer with complete, easy to follow instructions as well as a recipe book for batter and breading tips.

Since the Onion Machine is made of plastic, it is so easy to clean. Just wash it in soapy water. It does not retain the smell of onions so you can use the Onion Machine to create flowers out of apples, peppers, and even hard-boiled eggs. Use it to cut French fries as well.

The Onion Machine is not only great for your kitchen but is also a wonderful gift to give to friends on special occasions. Order now for yourself and for lady friends who love to put a special touch to their own cooking.