One Touch Can OpenerOpening a can shouldn’t be a chore, but with most hand held can openers it is. Fumbling with the proper position while you’re opening a can lead to drops and spills, making a mess of your kitchen and it’s a rarity that the lid comes completely off during the first attempt making emptying the contents of your can another problem entirely. The jagged edges of the lid are potentially dangerous and can lead to serious cuts that could require medical attention.

With the One Touch Can Opener, opening a can of any size has never been easier. The One Touch Can Opener is fully automatic; you just place on top of any size can, press the button and this innovative gadget does all of the work for you, removing the lid cleanly on the first try every time. With the One Touch Can Opener there are no sharp or jagged edges, making opening cans safe for the entire family.

The One Touch Can Opener will make your time in the kitchen more pleasant and more productive by eliminating potential accidents, spills and injuries and helping you get your cooking and clean up done in a much quicker and easier fashion.

Preparing healthy meals for your family doesn’t have to be a hassle or a nightmare, with the One Touch Can Opener you can prepare and enjoy meals safely as a family, without the added hassle of fumbling with a hand held can opener that can’t handle the job properly. If you enjoy cooking and preparing healthy meals for yourself and your family, the One Touch Can Opener is a tool you shouldn’t be without.

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