The NuWave Cooktop is a flameless all-in-one stove that cooks food with precision heat controls. Compact, this NuWave Cooktop review presents a cooking set that includes the cooker and the cookware with a Buy 1 - Take 1 offer.

Discover the new way to cook, grill, steam, and more with this review of the latest kitchen appliance from NuWave.

NuWave is known for having given the world one of the best counter top ovens that cooks through conduction, convection, and infrared waves. That NuWave oven cooks using less energy and helps a person create delicious meals fast.

Now, NuWave has again created a kitchen appliance that is ideal for today's lifestyle.

Those old gas and electric stoves are typically large and occupy a lot of space. The NuWave Cooktop is the perfect size to place on practically any counter top.

The NuWave Cooktop changes the way you cook for the better.

The most common problems of cooking like going on too high or too low a temperature is eliminated as one may use the digital temperature control to click it to perfection. This is a great option as one can prevent burning the food!

And, there is more...

The features of the NuWave Cooktop are outstanding.

- A precision induction cooktop with programmable cooking times and temperatures from "Warm" to "Sear.
- All-in-one cooktop that may be used as a grill, deep-fryer, for fondues, rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker.
- Has no coils or open flame
- Heats up twice faster than other similar kitchen appliances.
- Uses 70% less energy than other flameless cookers.
- Has the unique safety feature that allows you to touch it without getting burned.
- Heat is only transferred to the cookware.
- The only portable one of its kind.
- Has an automatic shut off feature.
- Easy to clean.
- Comes with cookware.

How would you like to cook with a revolutionary oven? Forget about the old-style way of using a stove, don't worry about the heat settings, and cook in a variety of styles with one awesome counter top stove?

The package includes the following items:

NuWave Cooktop
NuWave PIC Cookbook
Quick Start Cooking Guide
Gourmet Instructional DVD
VIP Cooking Club Membership
9-inch Stainless Steel Non-Stick Omelet Pan
10.5-inch Stainless-Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan
3.5-qt Stainless Steel Pot with Tempered Glass Lid
Stainless Steel Steamer Basket
9-piece Deluxe Fondue Kit

You may choose to add on the following items for more versatile use of your new NuWave Cooktop:

NuWave cast iron barbeque grill and griddle
Perfect Green Cookware set
NuWave Pressure cooker

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