Turn into a master chef with the Ninja Kitchen, the advanced blender system with the sharpest 5 point blade. The Ninja Kitchen 1100 is the newest in the series of Master Chef professional food choppers that can cut down the preparation time for many common culinary tasks to ONE QUICK MINUTE. That's why they call this blender a Ninja because it is swift and has ultra-sharp blades like those sharp weapons that the Ninja warriors use.

You can whiz away so many different kinds of food and beverages in a Ninja Kitchen and can get rid of many of the hassles that come along with cooking and making drinks. This kind of food processor is much better that any ordinary blender or those large ones as the volition of the spin bring up all the ingredients in the container and there will be nothing stuck under the blades.

The Ninja Kitchen is perfect for the lazy person as it makes all chopping, grating, and crushing processes easy. It is also ideal to be used by those who are busy as it does the work really fast. The Ninja Kitchen blender system can be used by those who are into fitness to make protein shakes, fruit blends, and smoothies. It also is great from moms who want to make their own baby food. Caring for an elderly person who has difficulty eating can be made easier by creating their own special nutrition blend that they can drink using the Ninja Kitchen blender system.

The Ninja Kitchen is what you need to make bar drinks such as Frozen Margaritas and Daiquiris because it can crush ice too. Create your own snowcones and the frappes by just zapping it up. When you have the Ninja Kitchen, it makes creating wonderful beverages the easiest thing to do. You can make a drink using the Ninja Kitchen, use it to serve from, and to store in the refrigerator by using the storage lid.

If you are sick and tired of chopping, then drop all the semi-soft ingredients into the Ninja Kitchen blender system, turn it on and wait 60 seconds. You would have minced and diced without exerting any effort. Whipping eggs, creaming butter, mixing batters, pureeing vegetables, mashing potatoes, creating marinates, making sauces, and many more things are what you can have your Ninja Kitchen do for you. It's the best and the fastest sous chef in the world.

The package includes the Ninja Blender with interchangeable Master pod includes one 16 oz prep bowl, one 48 oz prep pitcher, one  40 prep pitcher, 3 Custom storage lids, and a Recipe Book. The Ninja Kitchen Master Prep Professional System is THE thing that you need to finally be able to tremendously lessen the biggest burden of the culinary process which is food preparation. Whiz and zap your way to making the most wonderful beverages, snacks, soups, salads and prepare for your maid dishes with the greatest of ease with your new handy Ninja Kitchen helper.