Say goodbye to those bottle openers that cut your fingers or have you struggling with the bottle and bottle opener to get a cap off. My Top Off is the ultimate bottle opener. Just push down hard on the bottle till you hear a click, lift, and presto, the bottle cap is off! It’s the perfect partner wherever and whatever occasion you have. It’s not only so easy, it’s fast as well!

Not all bottle openers are the same. Most of them involve having to lift first from one end of the cap then lifting again from the other end. Many times, the opener does not always catch right away and those sharp jagged edges of the cap are dangerous for young kids or seniors to use! Come to think of it, they can be nasty for any age! But just look at My Top Off. It’s the ultimate bottle opener and works on all types of bottle lids, including screw caps.

The external area where you grip My Top Off is all smooth so you don’t hurt yourself. Opening bottles is an easy, two-step process. First, it pops open the bottle cap. Just push My Top Off down the bottle till you hear a click. The top is pried open using a durable, spring-and-release device. Second, once the cap is separated from the bottle, it is held in place with a built-in magnet. Since it’s made of durable plastic on the outside and stainless steel on the inside, My Top Off is sure to last a long, long time.

With your order of My Top Off, you also get an insulated Koozi and a drink sling to take your drink around while keeping your hands free.

Bring My Top Off to your barbecue cookout, parties, camping, boating and other occasions. It’s the fastest and easiest way to open bottles and will work so well when you have a large crowd of people and you don’t want them waiting around while you struggle with an ordinary bottle opener.