The Minden Anytime Grill is the affordable indoor grill with cover. It's the easy way to grill delicious food and at the same time, you'll have a stove top oven!

Grilling has been easier and faster! Most of us love grilled food but dislike the smoke that barbecues can create, and sometime we wish that we can get the same grilled effect while cooking in the kitchen. With the Minden Anytime Grill, you can forget about lighting up the charcoal and enjoy great grilled food.

Minden Anytime Grill isn't just a grill pan as it has a cover. When the lid is closed, the heat circulates, making the food cooking at a faster rate and drip with goodness from it's own juices.

The Minden Anytime Grill is large, has 2 handles, and comes with components such as the circular perforated disc for even heat distribution and the grill part itself, and the cover that makes it work in the same way as the expensive barbeque grills with a cover so that it may be used to cook pizzas. It also comes with two flexible skewers that's perfect for making kebabs and the like.

The Minden Anytime Grill is enamel coated and can be used with any kind of stove such as gas and electic, It also has an adapter for ceramic stoves. It may be used with indoor and outdoor stoves like the ones used for camping.

It has an open bottom design that enables it captures the heat from the burner and directs to the grill grate, and also has the innovative heat shield system deflects and directs the mess to drop downwards. The result, delicious grilled food that look temptingly appetizing with the sought-after grilled marks in less the time and with maximum reduction of mess! The Minden Anytime Grill is dishwasher safe so there's no longer any need to scrub off the hard-to-remove blackened parts.

This indoor grill review's feature product is perfect and the price is just right as it only cost $59.95, which is hundreds of dollars less than most other grills with the same function and this one can be turned into a stove top oven.

Order the Minden Anytime Grill today to have healthy grilled food anytime. Use as a stove top oven to cook pizzas and even get to use it to reheat food like corn on the cob.

You'll surely love Minden Anytime Grill and it makes a great gift, too. Can you imagine the fabulous dishes that you can create when you own the Minden Anytime Grill? Own it today.