Magic Meal is a stackable microwave cookware that is perfect for steam cooking. With this Magic Meal review, one can zap up a pasta dinner, rice meal, and more in just a few minutes. Discover in this review the multi-functional power of the unique Magic Meal.

Magic Meal: A Cookware Like No Other

Magic Meal is a 5-piece cookware set.

It may be used as a pasta maker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and as a colander.

The different parts are the steamer basket, lid, colander, grid, and the exclusive Magic Drain.

This Magic Drain is at the bottom of the stack. This holds the water and has the function to drain out the water from the bottom. It's the safer and easiest way to get rid of the hot water that pasta was boiled in.

The Magic Meal set comes in a gorgeous green color.

This microwaveable cookware is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.

It is also BPA Free.

Magic Meal: Healthy Cooking

To steam food is one of the best ways to cook healthy meals. This process eliminates the need for oil, butter, or having to deal with the smoke emitted by a grill.

Steam cooked food is very flavorful especially if one adds ingredients like bell pepper and other spices to the food during the steaming process. Vegetables that are steamed retain more of their nutrient value and their colors get enhanced. Veggies like brocolli will still have that wonderful chruncy or one can steam vegetable like carrots and peas until these are soft enough to be mashed.

The problem with steam cooking is disposing the hot water. One typically has to tilt the pot over the sink, This move requires the use of pot holders. Care should also be taken as the hot water may splatter and the steam may hurt you while pouring it out of those other steamers.

With the Magic Meal's Magic Drain, the hot water is drained from out from the bottom. Carrying it from the cooking area to the sink is not a problem as there are handles and the concentration of the heat is at the bottom of this cookware.

And, when cooking pasta, this Magic Drain is the best thing to have as one can rinse the cooked pasta right away. See how it works in this the Magic Meal video.

Magic Meal: Complete Meals In A Zap

Most homes serve either rice or pasta during meal time. And, if one may cook both of these simultatnously, imaginge how much time is saved.

With the Magic Meal, the rice or pasta may be cooked at the bottom part while the viand is being cooked on the top part. The viand may be cooked from the freezer, cooked from fresh, or steamed to reheat.

The cooking process is made even faster that other conventional methods as one uses the microwave. In minutes, one can prepare dinner.

If you want to cook healthy meals in minutes, use the multi-fundtional Magic Meal.

With this reviews promotional offer, aside from getting the 5 piece set, one has the option the get another one for free.

And, each order comes with the Magic Meal Recipe Book and the Little Red Chef handy food processor.